Welcome to neoSHRDLU!

Reviving of SHRDLU
by JJC

This is a simulation of a robotic arm, which is able to pick up and move block objects around in this virtual toy world of 7 objects.

The robot can perform very few actions:
1) Pick up an object (named b1,b2,...b7);
2) Move them around (it underdstands distance in integers and directions);
3) Release an object it holds.

However the real challenge here is about how to tell the robot to do those things, using human Natural Language (by typing into a text box), instead of a set of specially designed instructions.

To try it out, close this window and then
click the "S" button at the lower left corner.

About directions:
Red axis: (left, right)
Green axis:(up, down)
Blue axis (forward, back/backward)

This toy demo borrowed the javaScript UI front end from this github project by Tom Sgouros.
SHRDLU prefers proper punctuation please.